Top 5 Uses And Benefits of Hemp Oil

Hemp oil is a versatile product with lots of uses and benefits to your health. The best part? It’s now legal to grow and distribute in the United States. With access being easier than ever before, it’s time to start thinking about getting some for yourself.

However, if you still need some convincing that’s ok too.


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Here are five uses of hemp oil that you should keep in mind:


Benefit 1: It Can Help With Pain

The cannabidiol element of hemp oil (commonly called CBD) is a natural anti-inflammatory. In fact, though CBD testing is still in relatively young stage of development ,the results are very promising.

Studies have already shown that it can reduce arthritic symptoms (though to be fair the testing was done on rats).

The best part? CBD oil also has yet to be associated with major side effects, making it a nice, natural substitution to many of the popular pain treatment products of today that can have serious consequences.

Benefit 2: It Can Treat Insomnia

Hemp oil is also known to naturally calm the mind. As a result people have found that it makes for a great way to treat insomnia. The calming effects of CBD in some people are associated with longer, deeper periods of sleep.

And of course, once again it also comes with the built in benefit of being a natural and side effect free option.

Benefit 3: Hemp is Good For Your Health

Hemp is also just extremely good for your health. Next to soy it is the best plant based source of protein in existence and it also features healthy fats that are good for your mind.

As a result of this, some expecting mothers even use hemp oil as a prenatal. Granted, CBD/ hemp testing is still fairly limited, so you may want to hold off on this practice (especially when you factor in that some specialists think pregnant women shouldn’t even eat lunch meat).

But the point remains: the potential benefits of hemp for your health is substantial.

Benefit 4: It’s Great for Your Skin

People also use hemp oil as a beauty product. It’s prized as a moisturizer for your skin because it is all natural, and doesn’t fill your pores up with contaminates the way that many other beauty products do.

Hemp oil can be infused in lotions, creams, powders, etc, making it a great all purpose beauty product.

Benefit 5: It’s Non Psychoactive

As many people know, hemp is the brother plant to marijuana. Both members of the cannabis family, they are often lumped into the same category. So much so, in fact, that hemp has suffered a tumultuous legal status for years, even despite the fact that it has no psychoactive properties.

That’s right. It won’t get you stoned, which is actually a great thing for users that want a good, healthy supplement that they can take before going off to work in the morning.

Because CBD oil supplements have no recreational features, it is even being studied for use in medicine for kids.

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