10 Hemp Oil Benefits You Need To Know About

Hemp may be one of the most versatile plants in existence. In addition to being one of the most durable textiles in existence, it also produces an oil extract that can be used in a massive range of applications. Today that is what we will be taking a look at. Ten ways you can make great use out of all of the many awesome hemp oil products that are currently on the market.

1. Treating Depression

Roughly 16 million people suffer depression each year make it a pervasive and ubiquitous problem in this country. The general treatment regiment involves powerful drugs, that, though often helpful, also come with a slew of harsh side effects.

For some, CBD oil may be the answer. Hemp oil extract is associated with a reduction in depression related symptoms.

2. Treating Insomnia

Hemp oil can also treat insomnia. Many find it to have natural relaxing properties that are conducive to long, satisfying sleep patterns.

3. Treating Anxiety

Hemp oil is useful for treating anxiety the same way it is useful for treating insomnia. Because it can potentially relax your system, people suffering from anxiety tend to enjoy a reduction in their symptoms.

4. Treating Inflammation

People with inflammation will also find a friend in hemp oil. This product is used successfully for treating both mild aches and pains, and even chronic conditions like arthritis. The chemical properties in cannabidiol (CBD, found in hemp oil) naturally decrease inflammation and reduce pain.

5. Treating Epilepsy?

CBD products made big headlines recently when it was identified as a safe and effective means of treating seizures in patients that suffer from epilepsy.

Studies are also finding a potential application in cancer and diabetes treatment, but the jury is still out for that.

6. Prenatal Care

Hemp oil contains natural fats that may promote healthy brain development. As a result some people consider it to be a useful component for a prenatal regiment.

This is another application for which the jury is still out. Naturally, most expecting mothers will want to be as cautious as possible.

However, it is possible that hemp will have a bright future in prenatal care.

7. A Natural Beauty Regiment

Hemp oil is also prized as a natural beauty product. It can be used both as a topical cream or a lotion. Consumers value hemp oil because it can naturally moisturize the skin without clogging up your pores with toxins the way that other beauty products are known to do.

8. Cooking

There are also lots of possibilities for hemp oil in cooking. In fact, now that hemp is legal in the United States there are already restaurants out there that serve hemp oil infused food.

But why bother? Hemp actually has many dietary benefits as well. It is high in protein and features healthy fats that are an important element of any diet.

9. A Daily Supplement

Second to last on our list we have hemp oil as a daily supplement. Many people are already taking hemp oil daily to regularly enjoy its many benefits.

10. Tea/Coffee

Last but not least, hemp oil can even be infused into your coffee and teas. The benefits are the same as any other method, of consumption, but tea or coffee does make for a nice way to introduce the wonders of CBD into your system in the morning.

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