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Dbt Therapy Orange County Ca

Dbt Therapy Orange County Ca

Dbt Therapy Orange County Ca

With the growing pace of life, it is often easy to forget about one’s well-being especially if the issues are related to mental health which seems to be one of the most rising issues in today’s day and age. The youth of today is especially struggling with issues related to mental health which can make their growing period and teenage years all the more difficult than they usually are. In such cases, it is often best that these problems are dealt with in a timely manner by seeking the appropriate help required. This helps to avoid further complications that can be created if these troubles are not promptly taken care of. Therefore, if you are trying to find a facility for youth therapy in Southern California and are looking to avail pediatric mental health services in Orange County, drop all your concerns as you have come to the right place. We at the OC Teen Center are just the right facility for you because we have the most excellent child psychologists in Orange County working for us.

What is DBT?

There are multiple forms of therapy available to deal with issues like stress, anxiety, and other types of emotional complexities. Amongst these forms of therapy is Dialectical Behavioral Therapy which has been proven incredibly effective in dealing with such concerns. The process of this therapy involves a series of individual sessions coupled with a series of group sessions that provide the person dealing with these complex struggles with a sense of sanity and a skillset to help take care of underlying issues that can cause these people to act out in unusual ways.

Process of Assessment:

Alongside providing different services and programs of therapy to our clients based on the individuality of their cases, our facility also offers neuropsychological testing which helps us examine the cognitive functioning of our client’s brain which further allows us to evaluate the right therapy and program for them. For this, we have hired incredibly professional adolescent psychiatrists in SoCal so you can rest assured that your child’s mental health lies in good and capable hands.

What makes a candidate best suited for DBT?

Dealing with mental health issues is not easy at all especially at a young age. In the delicate years of teenage, there are a lot more struggles that people must deal with, and with emotional distress adding to the list, it becomes much tougher to deal with life itself. This leads to suicidal thoughts and negative feelings that are difficult to ignore. This further results in teenagers not being able to manage and deal with their emotions properly and act in outrageous ways to fight the struggles they are dealing with within themselves. DBT is hence best suited for those teenagers who have lost their ability to cope with different emotions and have developed unusual mechanisms to handle different situations in life often leading to trouble in their relationships with people around them. It is also for those who find themselves constantly being exposed to harmful thoughts.

If you or a loved one are struggling with these problems and are looking for a teen psychologist in Orange County, head over to our facility or contact us for any queries that you might have.

Contact Us:

Address: 3188 Airway Ave Unit L, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Phone: +1 (714) 716-5044

Email: Admissions@OCteenCenter.com

~Timings: 9am-6:30pm Mon-Fri

Dbt Therapy Orange County Ca
OC Teen Center
+1 (714) 716-5044
Dbt Therapy Orange County Ca
3188 Airway Ave Unit L
Costa Mesa CA 92626 US

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