Cannabis Pain Relief Salve

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Cannabis Pain Relief Salve

Science is barely discovering the significant advantages of using cannabis for therapeutic purposes. Among the great utilities it has, one of the most relevant is the relief of chronic pain. But it can not only help relieve internal pain. Nowadays, you can also treat superficial ailments with cannabis pain relief salve. It is essential that you know a little more about this option and how it might benefit you.

What are Cannabis Salves?

They are ointments or creams made from natural products such as coconut oil or calendula, which have a percentage of cannabis in their composition. When you apply this product to the affected area, it will help significantly reduce pain. Subcutaneous absorption does not produce psychoactive effects, so it is safe to use in athletes and even in children.

How Do These Salves Work in Pain Relief?

The human body has a system called Endocannabinoid. It involves a wide variety of functionalities, including those of the Central Nervous System. There are organs in our body that produce cannabinoids, which help regulate different functions, including pain.

Cannabis contains a great variety of cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD (the most significant). Despite their vegetable origin, when ingested, they perform the same functions as those produced by the body itself. When you apply the ointment, the cannabinoids will inhibit the neurotransmitters that produce the pain. This will cause the relief to the patient.

How to Apply Cannabis Salve?

First of all, you must make sure that the affected area is free of wounds or cuts. Then, wash the area thoroughly with water and neutral soap. This will remove dirt and natural oils from the skin allowing better absorption of the product's healing substances, making it more efficient.

An effective way is to apply the salve with a gentle massage on the affected area. Let the skin absorb the product for a few minutes. Then, if possible, cover the treated area with a bandage to prevent the product from falling off and allowing the skin to absorb it completely. You should always check that the product does not produce redness, irritation, or any other side effect.

How Much Ointment to Use?

First, read the product instructions carefully to see if the manufacturer recommends a specific dosage. You can apply the product generously, bearing in mind that you must be patient. It would be best if you allow time for the cannabinoids to act on the neurotransmitters so that you achieve the desired relief.

In the case of children and older adults, their skins tend to be thinner, so you will generally require less to achieve results. In any case, if you have any doubts, consult your doctor of confidence.

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Cannabis Pain Relief Salve
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